Electronic Fuel Injected Training at Lansdowne-Moody

We had a packed house! Jason Cook was the presenter, who we might say did a fantastic job! Every Tech in attendance commented on the fact this was one of the best schools they had attended.
We had a total of 18 in attendance.

Subjects included:

  • EFI Introduction & Theory
  • EFI Benefits
  • Diagnostic Introduction
  • Trouble Shooting

As you see every table had a diagnostic board and each tech left with 2 different service manuals.
The class included not only class room diagnostic training on the boards but also hands on training in the shop on a Ferris IS3200.

Jeffery Crosson from BASCO said, “Special thanks go out to Lansdowne-Moody – Splendora, Dan Healy, (LM Manager) Steve Irey (LM Service Manager). They all played a pivotal role in support & success of the school. Also apprenticed is all the dealerships that sent techs to the school.”

Take a look at some pictures from our recent EFI training.



Lansdowne-Moody CompanyElectronic Fuel Injected Training at Lansdowne-Moody