What is a Quality Excavator?

Kubota excavator in Houston.An excavator is a machine used to excavate earth. Its two defining components are tracks and a bucket. While other machines are capable of similar ends with respect to moving dirt, only excavators carry the trade’s namesake and the name is apt. The name excavator illustrates the importance of this machine to the earth moving trades.

The Anatomy of an Excavator

The foundation of an excavator is two tracks that sit parallel to one another. Connecting the tracks is an undercarriage upon which rests a housing that rotates around the axis of a plate. The cab of the excavator is proximate to the boom, the stick and the bucket. These components, as well as the engine, motors, and hydraulic pumps, rest upon the housing’s plate. As the plate rotates, with it rotates every other component of the machine except the tracks and undercarriage. The plate can rotate an entire 360 degrees.

Excavator Advantages Over Other Dirt Movers

The advantage of a rotating housing plate is that the bucket can be extended in and out, with the boom and stick, as well as moved from right to left without the operator having to reposition the tracks.

Other advantages excavators have over other dirt movers are strength and stability. The tracks and undercarriage can not only better support the weight of larger motors than other machines of equal size, the tracks give an excavator the ability to maneuver over, around, and through terrain of greater extremes than other machines can manage. Likewise, an excavator can work on much steeper grades than most other excavating machines.

As with wheeled machines, the tracks can operate by rolling both forward and back. But, in addition to independent brakes, one track of an excavator can move forward at the same time the other moves in reverse. This results in unparalleled maneuverability. This maneuverability gives a an excavator, or track hoe, a measurable advantage with respect to other earth moving machines.

Excavators Are Available in All Sizes

Excavators come in a variety of sizes. There are unfathomable monsters that weigh over 800 tons and can move thousands of tons per hour. On the flip side, there are very small excavators that have rubber tracks and no cab that are used for lawn and garden projects. Between these two extremes, excavators are available in almost every other size as well.

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