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Skidsteer Loader Lansdowne-Moody CompanyWhat is a Quality Skidsteer Loader?

A skid loader, otherwise known as a skidsteer loader, consists of a small, engine-powered steel frame and two lift arms. A variety of attachments can be connected to the lift arms, allowing for this single machine to conquer a multitude of tasks.

The body of the vehicle resembles a forklift and is equipped with four high-traction wheels, enabling it to easily glide over a variety of terrain. Generally, the wheels of the vehicle are fixed into a forward alignment and lack individual steering. However, the right wheels and left wheels can be driven independently of each other. When the left and right wheels are turned at different speeds, it results in a skidding motion, hence the name of the machine.

Benefits of the Skidsteer Loader

The skidsteer is widely used on construction sites due to its flexibility of usage and compatibility of attachments. The most commonly used attachment is the loader, which digs and hauls soil or other materials.

Skidsteer loaders vary widely in size and capacity, with smaller skidsteers capable of carrying about 1,500 hundred pounds and larger models hauling over 3,500 pounds. They are fierce machines that possess tremendous power, ranging from 65 to 105 horsepower depending on size.

The machines are predominantly used for moving materials, dumping, backfilling, and unloading trucks, making them the ideal accompaniment to both construction and agricultural sites. The skidsteer loader is known for its efficiency and speed, enabling workers to rapidly conquer tasks with ease.

Skidsteer Loader Limitations

Due to the arrangement of the wheels, skid loaders often produce high friction when turning, which can result in tearing up or scratching some surfaces. They operate best when on asphalt or concrete, rather than fragile surfaces, as the softer surfaces will be dug up in the process. For use on softer surfaces, the wheels can be replaced with lower friction tires as needed.

Despite the efficiency of the vehicle, it possesses some balance problems that need to be kept in mind. While fast operating speeds are a key factor to many, operating the machine at higher speeds results in an increased risk of tipping. Additionally, when the machine is fully loaded, the majority of the weight rides on the front axle. The driver needs to be cautious to maintain the center of gravity, or they risk tipping the vehicle.

Skidsteer Loaders Make Hauling and Backfilling Easy

Skidsteers are a popular piece of equipment due to their versatility, ease of operation, and efficiency. However, they are notoriously unbalanced, and it’s critical that only highly trained professionals operate the machines. If the center of gravity isn’t properly maintained, the vehicle can easily tip over, resulting in possible injury. However, when used properly, these high-powered machines are capable of conquering a variety of loading and filling tasks seamlessly and significantly optimizing the productivity of a worksite.

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