What is a Quality Tractor?

In the last 150 years, the tractor has evolved from steel-wheeled, furnace-powered implements into diesel-powered, hydraulic-driven, and rubber-wheeled agriculture centerpieces that are the mainstay of almost any ranch or farm regardless of the size.

Tractors Are Engineered For Strength

The front half of a tractor’s body houses the engine and behind the engine is the cab. Cabs are available in both covered and open mount. A tractor generally consists of two front tires that are smaller in diameter than those in the back, but not always. Some tractors have four tires of equal size or twin dual tractors in the back. Tractors are available with one or two drive axles. Some even have tracks.

Still, even the most unique tractors bear a striking resemblance to the original tractors produced in the late 1860s. But, while the technology has changed, the basic design has remained the same.

While there are other functions of a tractor, the strength of a tractor is pulling of equipment and machinery. What is found at the back end of a tractor is what separates these implements from other machinery found in other trades. Almost always, in addition to other means of attaching and powering equipment and machinery, a tractor has a three-point hitch and a power take-off (p.t.o.).

Tractor Pulled Equipment and Machinery

Equipment often associated with a tractor are plows, disk and chain harrows, and rakes. Tractor pulled machinery is different than tractor-pulled equipment in that machinery typically has a mechanized drive that is powered by the tractor’s p.t.o. Drives power things like windrowers, balers, mowers, and harvesters. While the majority of a tractor’s work is done by pulling, there are tractors that push implements and machinery and there are also tractors that are compatible with attachments like loader arms and front-end, p.t.o. driven machinery.

Tractors Are Available to Fit a Variety of Projects

Tractors are available in a wide range of sizes with a considerable number of available options. From small lawn tractors that are popular home and garden implements to eight-wheeled articulating beasts that cover huge tracts of land by moving at high (relative to other tractors) rates of speed, and everything in between, a tractor can be found to fit almost any agricultural purpose.

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