Wheel Loader

What is a Quality Wheel Loader?

The wheel loader has a simple design relative to other dirt-moving equipment. However, also known as front-end loaders or simply loaders, the simple design of wheel loaders translates into two critical advantage in the word of dirt works: speed and capacity. Loaders can move more dirt faster than any other piece of excavation equipment. As such, loaders are invaluable in the world of excavation.

Less is What Makes a Wheel Loader More

A loader has four equally sized wheels that are large in relation to the size of the machine’s body. With a design similar to that of a monster truck, a loader only has one means of moving dirt and that is the large bucket mounted on arms that extend out in front of the machine’s nose. Unencumbered with booms and sticks that both add additional weight and reduce the stability of a piece of equipment at high speeds, less is what makes a wheel loader more.

Wheel Loaders Have Great Carrying Capacity

Part of the advantage loaders have is an articulating body. Rather than the front wheels turning, the body of a loader pivots on an axis in the middle of the machine and the effect is a change in direction. The advantage of an articulating body is that a solid front axle adds to the carrying capacity of the machine. A consequence of an articulating body is that a larger bucket becomes an option which means more material can be moved on a single trip.


Wheel Loaders Fill Both a Variety of Construction and Agricultural Niches

Unlike backhoes and excavators that are very specific to excavation, loaders fill a number of niches in a variety of construction and agricultural trades. For example, loaders are the single most important piece of equipment in a rock quarry and are often far more valuable than a tractor at feedlots and sale barns. For another, when leveling an area that is already relatively flat, a loader is much faster than a bulldozer because it can move at such a high rate of speed.

A Loader is Speed and Capacity

While every piece of earth moving or agricultural equipment has its place, few are so simple in design as to justify a two-word explanation. A loader is speed and capacity.

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