Lansdowne-Moody now offers the new Kubota Fire Rescue

Lansdowne-Moody Company has been a provider of Kubota in Houston since the mid-1980s. We also provide comprehensive parts, service, and rental services for premium Kubota vehicles to the entire Greater Houston area. We are excited to now introduce the new Kubota Fire Rescue Unit.

This new attachment converts your Kubota UTV to an emergency fire-fighting system. The Kubota Fire Rescue Unit comes equipped with foam capabilities and carries the following standard features:

  • Large 100-gallon water tank
  • 5-gallon foam cell
  • Quick Quench Foam System
  • 6 horsepower Honda engine
  • Drafting to 18 feet
  • 12/25 Forestry and 1-inch air aspirated foam nozzles
  • Hose bed for both 1 inch to 1.5-inch hose
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  • Lansdowne-Moody Tractor Houston 2
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  • LMT Parts Dept Southwest Houston

The mobility of this UTV truck-mounted fire unit allows you to respond to a fire in tight or difficult to get to places.

Whether you are a community firefighting department who needs to upgrade your emergency equipment or a private owner who wants added protection for your property, the new Kubota fire system has the power to provide that extra security. As always, Lansdowne-Moody’s highly trained service people can help get your fire rescue unit installed on your existing or new Kubota UTV and get you up and running and so that you are prepared for any emergency.

Lansdowne-Moody is a family owned tractor dealership that offers the best sales, parts, equipment rental, and service in the greater Houston area. We are the official dealer of choice for Kubota and other top equipment manufacturers. You’ve always trusted us to go above and beyond to fulfill your tractor and equipment needs: now we can offer fire rescue equipment to our line of quality products.

Call us or visit today for a demonstration of the new Kubota Fire Rescue Unit.

Lansdowne-Moody CompanyLansdowne-Moody now offers the new Kubota Fire Rescue