A Traditional and Inverter Generator Buyer's Guide

Jul 23, 2021

Texas is no stranger to debilitating heat and the occasional ice storm, and when your home loses power, a generator from Lansdowne Moody can be your saving grace! Follow along as we take you through the differences between traditional and inverter generators, standby and prime power generators and gasoline and diesel generators to decide which is best for your needs. 

Traditional vs Inverter:

A traditional generator makes use of an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to control the AC power being produced by the alternator. Traditional generators can work with higher demands and longer than inverter generators, making them a must-have on tougher jobs and larger worksites. They’re also known for providing home backup power, powering RVs and heavy-tools on the job. 

An inverter generator utilizes a digital module to convert AC power to DC power before inverting it back into AC power. It’s a cleaner, quieter and similar method of receiving electricity to that of the electricity you get from your utility company. We recommend using an inverter generator for sensitive electronics and items within your home. 

Standby vs Prime Power:

A prime power generator functions exactly like its name suggests; the primary source of your power. As long as a prime generator’s load is variably changing between 50% and 100% of its total power, it can provide you with power 24/7. You’ll most likely be using a prime power generator when you’re away from your home or other structures. We’ve even seen people mount prime power generators on trailers and tow them wherever they need them. 

Standby generators are used as backup generators typically in the case of a power outage. If set up with an Automatic Transfer Switch, a standby generator will automatically assume the prime power position when power is lost on the prime power generator. 

Diesel vs Gas Powered Generators:

Gasoline generators require less maintenance and are more portable and more affordable than their diesel counterparts. It truly depends on what you need a generator for. Gasoline generators are fantastic for small jobs, but the power that a diesel generator provides you with is unmatched. In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, diesel fuel is typically easier to find than gasoline, making it a reliable piece of equipment after a hurricane, tornado, flood or power outage. Diesel generators are also more fuel efficient than a gasoline generator, letting you power your home, tools or electrical equipment for longer hours. 

Kubota Generators

Kubota’s traditional generators run on diesel fuel, maintain a 60hz frequency and are all single phase generators. A single phase generator provides you with a single continuously alternating voltage, perfect for heavy-duty application. Whether you’re searching for a 6.5kVA (7,000 watts), 10kVA (11,000 watts) or 12kVA (12,000 watts) generator, Kubota has the selection you need to get the power you’re searching for. Available models include: the GL-7000-USA, GL-7000-TM, GL-11000-USA, GL-11000-TM and the GL-14000

Honda Generators

Honda provides you with a selection of inverter and traditional generators, letting you power anything from a personal laptop to your home or RV. Power offering starts at 1,000 watts in the Honda EU1000i and tops out at 10,000 watts in the EB10000 model. Every Honda generator provides you with exceptional fuel efficiency and quiet performance. 

Click here for a full list of Honda’s inverter and traditional generators

Briggs & Stratton Generators

From camp sites to job sites, Briggs & Stratton’s portable generators give you the confidence you need to power your life. The P2400 PowerSmart Series generator starts Briggs & Stratton’s power offering at 2,400 watts and a eight-hour runtime, while the heavy-duty 8000 Watt Elite Series puts out an impressive 8,000 running watts and a nine-hour runtime. Briggs & Stratton also makes home and light commercial generators. 

Click here for a full list of Briggs & Stratton’s generators

Ready to take home the right generator for you and your needs? We have multiple financing options available to you! Give us a call, use the locations tab for directions to any of our eight stores or fill out our contact form and we’ll have our team get in touch with you. We look forward to working with you at Lansdowne Moody, with eight locations proudly serving the greater Houston, Texas area!

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