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KTAC's Greatest Hits - Original Sales Price Protection Explained


The Incident 

Imagine you have owned your Lansdowne tractor and for the entire time of your ownership, you never had any problems and insisted that insurance would be a waste of time. Then all of a sudden you experience an “Upset” accident which results in excessive physical damage. 

This actually happened when one customer was working on a job site and his unit tipped over. Compounding this situation the owner was not able to shut off the unit and the engine began to seizure resulting in a total loss. The worst part of it all was the customer did not have insurance was just a few months away from paying off his unit. 

The Settlement

The cash value of the settlement is determined by the market value at the time of the loss. In the case of the unit that tipped over the value at the time of the loss was $16,795 and the original projected value was $29,962. Therefore, if the customer purchased insurance, they would be able to receive a check of $13,167 to replace it with a new quality Kubota unit. 

All Risk Coverage 

Incidents can occur for a variety of reasons aside from tipping over which is why KTAC coverage is not limited to unit tippings. Coverage benefits are included for theft, fire, collision, glass breakages, falling objects, hail, tornado, flood, vandalism, and infestation. With KTAC you can be sure that you will have a variety of coverage options that will be able to support you when unexpected accidents occur.

Insurance is Good for Everybody

KTAC has comprehensive claims features that are beneficial when “Upset” occurs and the unit is at a total loss. When this is the case our comprehensive claims can save the day and replace your damaged tractor.

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Below is an example of a covered incident:

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