Scag Turf Tiger II vs. John Deere ZTrak


Innovation and attention to quality are some of the reasons Scag Power Equipment is known for manufacturing the highest quality, best built, best cutting commercial lawn mowers. Whether you are looking for commercial riding, stand-on, or walk-behind lawn mowers, what Scag offers is “Simply the Best”.

  • Speed
    • Deere M Series 10 mph.
    • Scag 12 mph check my math but I believe that is a 20% faster able to get more lawns done in a single day putting more money in your pocket!
  • Blade Spindles
    • Deere Ball Bearing Spindle assemblies.
    • Scag Roller bearing spindles when high speed and longevity count use what the automotive industry has used for year just as Scag uses Roller bearings in their splindle assemblies giving a longer life in high speed environment. Roller bearings in the spindles allow the spindles to better survive when the blades impact something as they spread the impact shock over a larger area than spindles that use ball bearings.
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  • Decks Construction
    • Deck Top is nearly ½” around the spindles.
    • 3 Year no-crack warranty.
    • Custom-Cut Baffle.
      • Custom Cut Baffle System allows you to customize your cutter deck to your conditions.
      • More Productivity. Cut More Grass in Less Time!
      • Seven different settings to better match your individual cutting conditions.
      • Increased performance in tall grasses, weeds and leaf pickup.
  • Deck Drive
    • Scag Drive shaft to gearbox.
      • Eliminating a many feet long belt that can jump off pulleys and break causing down time.
      • Hp from the engine is transmitted better thru a drive shaft rather than a belt.
    • Deere – Belt from engine to deck.
  • Blade Clutch
    • Scag Ogura 250ft lb GT3.5
      • Adjustable to give a longer  life of an expensive wear item.
  • Longevity
    • Since 1983 building commercial units for the commercial lawn maintenance contractor.
    • 1990 zero turn built for contractor!
  • Built In The USA
    • Mayville, Wisconsin and Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
  • Pulleys
    • Scag Split Steel.
      • Maximum durability, cooler operating and reliability.
      • Why Cooler Running? Bearings and grease in the spindles and for belt routing, heat breaks down oil products such as grease in sealed bearings not allowing for lubrication, allowing more metal on metal contact shortening the life of the component, heat transfers into the belts breaking down the rubber they are made of.
      • Why Durability and Reliability? Less time on the trailer making repairs; more time cutting grass putting money in your pocket!




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